Travel Information

Getting To Madison

Dane County Regional Airport is smack dab in the middle of Madison. Taxis and buses are available to get into downtown.

Mitchell Airport in Milwaukee is an 1.5 hour drive. The Badger Bus also runs from the airport and drops off at the University Downtown. Tickets are $23 one-way or $46 roundtrip and there is wifi on the bus.

Getting Around Madison

Public transportation is readily available in Madison. Buses run all throughout the city and quite frequently. Taxis are also available. (Fun fact: Madison is one of the few cities where women make up the majority of taxi drivers.)

Things To Do

  • Catch a fish fry on Friday.
  • Grab a beer at the University terrace overlooking the lake.
  • Taste microbrews at Hopcat, One Barrel Brewing, the Old Fashioned, and pretty much everywhere.
  • Go to the Dane County Farmer’s Market on Saturday. It is the best in the nation.
  • Labor Day Weekend also hosts the Taste of Madison on the square where the farmer’s market is held. Throughout the weekend, local restaurants will be selling tasting sized fare. Go during off-peak hours and eat everything.

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